OTN Systems (2016 - 2018)

My main project while working for Branch was at OTN Systems, a telecom company. OTN Systems creates mission-critical packet networks for specific industrial markets. XTran networks are based on the latest MPLS-TP standard (MultiProtocol Label Switching – Transport Profile). This packet technology caters to deterministic traffic, sub 50 ms reconfiguration times and flawless IP transport. XTran nodes are connected with fibre or copper links in any physical topology.

I was part of the software team and worked on TXCare, the network management system for XTran networks.

Large Network Monitor

My first big feature at OTN Systems was the large network monitor. Some clients started to have bigger networks and TXCare didn't really handle displaying those networks in a clear way very well. We made a hierarchic solution in which clients can group network nodes and navigate up and down the various levels.

Secondly, we integrated OTN's older network monitor software so that clients that were still running a lot of the old hardware could use TXCare's new large network monitor functionality to monitor those older networks as well.

SNMP Northbound

The TXCare software monitors the XTran network and bundles all that information in a graphical user interface. However, there was also a need for a more automated system that notifies other pieces of software of important events and alarms. We added a northbound interface that clients can use to subscribe to the pieces of information they are interested in.

Framework for Generic Devices

TXCare is designed to monitor and configure XTran nodes. Some partners wanted to be able to monitor their own hardware nodes using TXCare and we wanted to avoid having to manually add all those hardware nodes to the source code, so I created a generic device framework in which clients can define their own hardware nodes. These generic devices are then dynamically compiled into an assembly and can then be used and monitored (through SNMP) in TXCare just like the standard XTran nodes.